The Jewish Heritage Tour

In this tour, I will guide you through the footsteps of the Jewish community in Berlin, from
its humble beginning 300 years ago, and in the 18th century, when it was one of the most influential Jewish communities in Europe at the time the Enlightenment

The Jews were an inseparable part of the Berlin´s  life in politics, commerce, science, and culture until their almost complete destruction during the Nazi regime.

This tour encompasses the most important stations in the life of the Jewish community in Berlin, and during the tour, we will visit the following places
The First Synagogue,The ancient Jewish cemetery,Platform 17 and the Old Jewish Quarter, Area of courtyards, The children's monument The New Synagogue
.and more

If you wish to visit Wannsee Villa during the tour, you can do so as part of my  extensive Jewish tour in Berlin

In addition, I will document your tour with a professional camera and provide you with the photos after the tour

:In my tours we will discuss

  • Modern Berlin
  • Getting around the city and public transportation in Berlin
  • The architecture of Berlin
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • German society
  • Shopping in Berlin and much more

The tour´s duration is approximately 6 hours and includes pick up from your hotel​

  1. הסיור היהודי בברלין
  2. הסיור היהודי בברלין
  3. הסיור היהודי בברלין