The "must tour"

The "must tour"

The "must tour" in Berlin is a very comprehensive tour that includes the most important attractions and points of interest in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the fourth largest city in Europe. The city has experienced huge ups and downs, both historically and culturally, in all its History

The city was the cultural capital of Europe during the period of Frederick the Great, the reunification of Germany and the Second Reich, the merry 1920s during the Weimar Republic, the Second World War and its total destruction, and the establishment of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War that divided the city into two.

Since then until today, Berlin is a very lively and groundbreaking city that is considered as the "right place to be” in Europe and its unique international atmosphere attracts many young people from all over the world into a never-ending party ...

Berlin combines ancient museums and a contemporary art scene. It is one of the greenest cities in the world, with huge parks, lakes, and palaces.

On the “must tour”, we will venture into this interesting city and will get to know Berlin and tell the story of one of the most influential cities in the world for about a thousand years.

The tour includes:
Unter den Linden boulevard (including Humboldt University, Babel Square where the Jewish books were burned), Checkpoint Charlie,The Reichstag building
Pariser square with the Brandenburg gate, Alexanderplatz square
Berlin TV tower,Museum island Gendarmenmarkt square (considered the most beautiful in Berlin) and much more.

In addition, I will document your tour with a professional camera and provide you with the photos after the tour.

in my tours we will discuss also:
Modern Berlin
Getting around the city and public transportation in Berlin
The architecture of Berlin
German society
shopping in Berlin and much more

The tour´s duration is approximately 6 hours and includes pick up from your hotel​

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